My Dad’s Tears

Once upon a time, there was a grown man who cried in musicals, songs, gripping stories, great sound systems, and touching accomplishments and moments by his children. He was captured so much by the sound and/or the story that his emotions overtook his senses in the form of tears. Now this man would try to hide it, but his betraying red eyes would show the truth every time.

This man is my father. He literally cried when he got his Rav 4 a few years ago because he finally had a car with a great sound system where he could actually hear the music. When I was the lead of Aida in high school, all I had to do was walk on stage and he started balling. I hadn’t even said or sang a word, and the water works started flowing.

I promise I’m not making fun of him because the truth is I inherited this same emotional handicap, but to a whole other level. Not only will I cry in amazing moments, but I get obsessively connected to the characters, story, and/or music. Let me give you some embarrassing examples:

1. Twilight Saga

Before you freak out or tell me this story is stupid, I understand. I’m not saying it’s the best piece of literature that I’ve ever read, because it’s most definitely not. If you know the tale it’s a very sappy love story of vampires, werewolves, human/vampire hybrids, and a frail girl. Now when I first read these books I was in high school, tenth grade to be exact. I finished them in 2 weeks – all four humongous books – and this is why: I fell in love with the characters and their story. Yes, I’m a romantic, so I wanted to see how they would end up. To be completely honest, I’ve read the books at least 12 times, and even have certain parts bookmarked. Not only that, but I have a playlist of Twilight movie songs for when I read the books and own all five movies. I’m not as obsessed anymore, but I still get caught in the magic of the story whenever I read them.

2. David Phelps

This incredible man is a tenor in the Bill Gaither Vocal Band. They came to Liberty for a concert a week ago and to speak to our School of Music. I didn’t know David Phelps existed until a day before this concert, and man was I missing out. I would get giddy every moment he stepped up to sing a solo. I would literally start tearing up if I could hear just his perfect harmonies when singing background vocals. I immediately downloaded his solo albums as soon as I got home and still get those same chills and quick heartbeat when I hear his voice. I swear this isn’t a constant occurrence every time I hear a great singer, but this man’s voice hits me deep in the soul. If you asked me who I thought was the best male vocalist, I would undoubtedly say David Phelps.

3. Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

So this show is brand-new and stems from the show “Once Upon A Time.” The Disney movie we know as “Alice in Wonderland” is played with in this T.V. show. Alice is now grown up and falls in love with the Genie from what we know as “Aladdin.” Just yesterday I watched this show was instantly concerned for the characters. I’m on the edge of my seat to see what will happen. Not to mention the actor who played Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) in Lost is playing Jaffar in this series.

If I could somehow make watching T.V. shows, movies, and reading books a job, I would jump on that train in a heartbeat. Call me crazy, but their my dad’s tears.


I am a worship major at Liberty University, studying songwriting. I'm from Nebraska, but just moved to Lynchburg, Virginia. I am 20 years young and just trying to get through life in one piece like you. I love music, coffee, The Office, Star Trek, books, hammocking, autumn, alone time, and Jesus.

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